“Man is by nature a social animal” — a famous phrase from the renowned Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, many centuries ago. I’m sure even Aristotle would have never imagined that the 21st century would take “being social” to exponential levels of imagination. Social media platforms are thriving industries worth billions.

I have to admit, I have enjoyed analyzing the different facets of this quote and also loved speaking for, and against this quote over the years. I have always been fascinated by the way social connections affect our friendships & relationships. Till about a decade ago, the dynamics of social life…

February is the month of love. February also follows January which is famous for New Year resolutions. Most people make tall promises to themselves and vouch to keep up their resolutions. Social media is filled with pictures, photos, paragraphs and appreciative posts. The enthusiasm starts to slow down within the first couple weeks, and slowly reality sinks in and most people are back to their normal routine.

I have always wondered why are we unable to keep up the resolutions throughout the year or atleast till we achieve our goals. The answer seems simple, most of our resolutions and goals…

Aarti Sengupta

Mom, Wife, Blogger, Speaker, Travel enthusiast, Agile Coach. Work with kids & teens on Positive lifestyle, Effective writing & speaking

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